Helping others find an authentic way to connect and relate to their bodies, souls, hearts  and voices through the tradition of yoga is my passion. I help people heal the shame that we have unconsciously taken into our bodies and use it to create what our hearts and souls long for.

I have studied yoga asana for over 10 years and teach therapeutically working with injuries, anxiety and addiction. People come to my classes for the chanting (community singing) and for the healing hands on adjustments that help align your body with its natural ability to heal. I can support you in difficult times of transition and stuck-ness with meditation, and release what has held you back from feeling your power, wildness, and wisdom. 

Together we can release fears and insecurities from the body and heart stemming from past hurts and pain. I love to work with people who are overcoming addictions, those who want to feel more turned on within themselves and their relationships to others.

I am here to support and encourage your discovery of joy, healing and support your awakening. Together, we bring depth, excitement and authenticity into your connection to yourself and into your world.  I will teach you how to connect to the ancient wisdom, passion, power and creative energy that lives inside your body.

I see clients in person in LA, NY, and everywhere via Skype. 60 minute sessions are $150 in person; $125 via Skype. Packages available - email with any questions!

I began healing sessions with Adriana during a time of personal crisis. She not only helped me out of it, but she helped me discover my more awakened, authentic self. She showed me how beautiful my life can be, and how I can make it full of love in my own unique way. I feel closer to my true self than ever before in my life. Her healing sessions are always personalized and she always gives me her full attention. Even through Skype I can feel a powerful connection to Adriana. She seems to always know what I need. Adriana has a true instinct and gift for this kind of work.
— Colleen