I began healing sessions with Adriana during a time of personal crisis. She not only helped me out of it, but she helped me discover my more awakened, authentic self. She showed me how beautiful my life can be, and how I can make it full of love in my own unique way. I feel closer to my true self than ever before in my life.

Her healing sessions are always personalized and she always gives me her full attention. Even through Skype I can feel a powerful connection to Adriana. She seems to always know what I need. Adriana has a true instinct and gift for this kind of work. ~Colleen


Helping women find an authentic way to connect and relate to their bodies, souls and hearts, and a pleasurable connection to Spirit, is my passion. I help women heal the shame that we have unconsciously taken into our bodies and use it to create what their hearts and souls long for.

I can support you in difficult times of transition and stuck-ness, and release what has held you back from feeling your power, wildness, and wisdom. Together, we can release fears and insecurities from the body and heart stemming from past hurt and pain. You can learn to connect to and communicate your deep heart feelings, needs and desires. It is my passion to love and support women in feeling and connecting to their tenderness and their strength.

I use yoga, hair healing, energy healing, sacred movement and ritual, chanting and voice work and meditation to help women bust through what is stopping them from listening to their hearts and expressing themselves freely. I can see and feel the beauty and strength of your awakened feminine heart.

I am here to support and encourage your discovery of joy, healing and awakening, in any way I can. Whatever it takes. Together, we bring depth, excitement and authenticity into your world.  I will teach you how to connect to the ancient wisdom, passion, power and creative energy that live inside your body.

Over the years of my work with women, I have learned how to hold a strong feeling of safety and openness for you, one that will help you break free from what is holding you back in your life.  I have been working my butt off to be here with you in this way, and I am so happy to do so! 

All offerings address emotional, physical and spiritual needs, and it is an honor for me to serve you in this way. Each session includes coaching through talking things out as we go to develop intimacy, trust and connection in each other’s wisdom.

I see clients in person in LA, NY, and everywhere via Skype. 60 minute sessions are $150 in person; $125 via Skype. Packages available - email with any questions!



Yoga for Awakened Living

I feel that your yoga practice should connect your to your bodies wisdom and healing potential.  I can help you create a practice for you to do that will support you and what you are experiencing in life right now.  In these body wisdom sessions, we will connect on a soul level and combine therapeutic and alignment based yoga, restorative yoga, breath work, when possible hands-on energy healing adjustments and bodywork to get you free and open in your body and mind. You will release stress tension, stuck emotions and trauma from the body while connecting to, and making space for your natural wisdom to arise.

Haircut and Healing

I have been connecting with people through hair cutting and styling for over 10 years. In this special session, you will receive a haircut, while setting intentions on what you wish to release as your hair gets shaped and styled with it's natural and beautiful texture. It can be a deep practice of letting go of attachments that have held you back, and feeling really beautiful as you do it.  Haircuts can go with energy healing, yoga or meditation private sessions. 


Voicework and Chanting

In these chanting sessions you will use the practice of kirtan and intention setting  while using  your voice to build, deepen, and nourish your connection to Spirit. You will help move stagnant energy from your body and areas of your life. There is a soul satisfaction and healing in being heard by another women in this way, without judgement or shame.  This practice helps you connect and open up to to speaking your hearts desires and language with more confidence and ease.

Meditation for the Feminine Spirit

In these sessions, we will connect together as women on a spiritual path and you will get the support you need to take the next step forward. Whether you want support and inspiration for a meditation practice, or you would like to go deep into healing, these sessions can help you get back into a flow with your creativity, release shame, or get support with sobriety. Together we build trust and intimacy, see and experience each other not only as women, but as souls.